Saturday, 13 October 2012

Herb update

I have been using herbs as promised, and loving them for myself, though the kids are picking them out. My husband is eying the green bits suspiciously, though dutifully eating them (except the rocket flowers I used as a garnish!).

I have been using parsley a lot - chopped and added on top of dishes for freshness. I've used chives (which I love with eggs), thyme, and rocket. I haven't used oregano this week but I did stop Zoe (3) as she had a handful of it about to pull out the "weed"!

And I remembered that I also have rosemary, growing with my strawberries where I planted cuttings. I should move it into my front garden so it has room to get bigger.

If anyone has any ideas or inspiration for using herbs post a comment and tell me. All ideas appreciated!

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